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Twenty-four-year publishing veteran, Anita Diggs, began her career as assistant to the CEO of New American Library (Penguin). She later worked her way up the marketing ladder before moving from Senior Publicist at Time Warner Trade Publishing (now Hachette/Grand Central) to Editor where she helped shape the careers of aspiring and experienced fiction writers.


Her extensive editorial and publicity experience became the foundation which launched her into the top echelon of the industry when she accepted the position of SeniorEditor/Director of OneWorld Books (Random House) where she built a strong list of fiction and nonfiction titles.


Anita is also the author of A Mighty Love and A Meeting in the Ladies Room  and has lectured across the country on the topics of creative writing, book development and how to get a literary agent. The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, C-Span and the New York Daily News have all interviewed her.


Columbia Journalism Review placed Ms. Diggs on their "The Shapers" list. The Shapers is a list of prominent New Yorkers who shape the national media agenda. She holds a B.A. in Cultural Studies from SUNY Empire State College and an MFA in Creative Writing from Hunter College in New York City.