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PUT YOUR BEST PAGES FORWARD!  Literary agents and editors receive more than a hundred submissions each month.  They don't have the time to guess what you meant or what story you were trying to tell.  If they do start reading and the prose starts to weaken or go off track, they will simply reject the project. 


So, before you contact a literary agent or publishing company about your manuscript, gain valuable feedback on your project from Anita Diggs who is: 



*  A seasoned editor with over 15 years of experience in the book publishing industry 

*  A former Senior Editor at Random House/One World Books and Editor at Warner Books (now called Hachette) 


*  A former Senior Publicist for Penguin Books

*  A former fiction writer, who understands both sides of the writer/editor relationship 





A)  Manuscript Read, Developmental Edit (Written Page-by-Page Critique), Copy Edit, Three half hour Phone Sessions.


B) Manuscript Read, Developmental Edit (Written Page-by-Page Critique)



C) Manuscript Read and 1 One-Hour Phone Advice Session



D) Manuscript Read and 1 half hour Phone Advice Session



NOTE: I am also available for collaboration, book proposal writing and ghostwriting.  I charge for these projects on a case-by-case basis. 








email    anita.diggs@gmail.com