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A Mighty Love by Anita Doreen Diggs is a fitting title to a novel that opens up your heart to testify that love is,indeed, a mighty entity. It is a story that will touch the senses and one that enables you to relate to each person and their turmoil. The book is a serious page turner that you can't put down even if you want to. Each page is filled with a unique, scripted style of writing. The storyline is deep with emotions, and sprinkled with a common realization that this could happen to anyone, and the key is how to cope and heal. Ms. Diggs does an excellent job in weaving the necessary components together to give the] reader much to think about and consider. A Mighty Love goes beyond a two thumbs up; it is a magnificent display of a writer who has skills and style.


-Reviewed by Kalaani of the RAWSISTAZ Literary Group